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5 best birthday cakes for kids in Lucknow

5 best birthday cakes for kids in Lucknow

Do you want to make your kid’s birthday special? If yes, you are not alone. Every parent wants to make their kid’s birthday celebration special and a joyful moment. Children wait for this auspicious occasion throughout the year. After all, the happiness of the children is always a top priority for every parent. 

When selecting a cake, it is essential to use your creativity and ideas for the birthday celebration. Fortunately, Mr Brown Bakery has a vast collection of themed and favourite characters cakes suitable for children's birthday celebrations. These cakes are exotic with bright colours to meet the expectation of your children. Buy a birthday cake online after browsing through the collection. Let us look at the 5 best cakes ideal for boys and girls for birthday celebrations: 


1. Character Cakes

Does your kid wish to cut a character depicted cake? Make your boy or girl birthday a special one by giving her a character cake. We have Disney Princess, Spiderman, and other characters cakes with exotic flavours and designs. The best thing is that your children will be happy to witness the character besides being a taste bud delight. Buy a cake online with the favourite character to bring a broad smile to the kid’s face. 


2. Theme cakes 

Is your kid demanding a special themed cake? Get cakes with forest, cartoon characters and other themes from us. The flavourful cakes will be a kid’s delight besides their enamouring design. Nothing can make your kid happier than a themed cake for the birthday celebration. 


3. Photo cakes 

The delicious cakes with a photo of a special cartoon character can uplift the mood of your kid. Make your kid wish come true by ordering a birthday cake in Lucknow and other locations with an exotic photo. Apart from the cartoon characters, kids can add a photo of idols on the cake. It means the birthday celebration will be more exciting for your kid in this design. 


4. Mickey Mouse cake 

Almost every child is a great fan of the cartoon characters mickey mouse. Kids not only want to buy things with these characters but also demand birthday cakes with them. The best thing is that we build cakes with Mickey Mouse characters for children. Order Kids cake in Lucknow and other locations to show how much you care for your children. The innocent souls will love cutting a cake with these characters. 


5. Princess Doll Cake

The Princess Doll Cake is a top choice for young girls. The cake is a popular choice for girls who love to play with toys and imagine themselves as a princess. There will be an exotic design on the cake with the girl and skirt to be surreal. 


Why buy a kid’s birthday cake from us? 

Mr Brown is a renowned name in the bakery industry. The company offers a variety of exotic cakes with the perfect colour combination, design and flavour. Apart from the cakes, parents can buy special gift hampers to make the birthday celebration memorable for children. Want to buy an exotic cake for your child? Contact us to buy now.